Joining the Family

Updated: Jan 3


My name is Mary Beth, and I'm so excited to be joining the Modern Tekniques family once the salon is able to open back up!

I am looking forward to coming on board and meeting you, and giving you beautiful hair.

This blog post is a first for me, and I'd love to use this opportunity to share a story with you, of a beautiful experience I was lucky enough to have during this quarantine.

It took only a month for her to lay, sit, hatch, and have her babies fly the coop! And I got to watch it all happen!

Her and her partner chose the empty planter that sits on a pedestal a foot away from my front door. I first noticed it when I came out of my house and was met with a sudden flutter.

I quickly realized it was a startled bird taking flight; but I also saw there where two eggs resting in my planter. Cool! 

A day later I walked up my front porch to find this Mourning Dove sitting in the planter and she didn’t fly away this time; although I could tell she was a bit cautious. So, I had a little chat with her in that moment.

I said “Listen, I want you to know that you are totally safe here, no one is going to hurt you or bother you and your babies. You are safe”.

To my surprise, she never flew away again, even when my 10 month old puppy Todo would stand on her hind legs trying to get a glimpse of our new visitors.

It took 2 weeks of momma and papa dove taking turns sitting on those eggs day and night through cold and rain for their babies to emerge from the safety of their shells to a new world, and another 2 weeks to grow enough to take flight on their own.

Throughout the whole process, these beautiful Mourning Doves and my family bonded. There were many “hello’s”. “How’s it going?” And “good job you guys”.

So, the morning I walked out of my house to find they were gone; I was struck with this