• Kim

Why Being a Hairdresser is So Awesome

We are so lucky and blessed that we get to be hairstylists.

We get the hours we want.

We get to pick the days we want.

We get to choose the people we want.

We get to build the environment we want.

We get to create the culture that we want.

It’s all within our own reach!

We get what we practice.

We get to make more money than most people that work 40 hours or more a week.

We get to dictate and choose our own life, and our own success, by realizing and appreciating what we have.

What kind of atmosphere do you want?

What kind of atmosphere do you create?

And how do we create an atmosphere?

We create it with our attitudes and what we practice.

Are we energy givers?

Or are we energy dimmers - energy vampires that drain those around us?

Do we fill up those around us with good sportsmanship and a good mindset?

People with positive attitudes complement one another on the good that we do - looking at the good instead of looking at the bad.

It is super easy to focus on negative things, but it sure makes one's life miserable.

It’s super important to be authentic and to be honest with one another.

If you have a problem or an issue with someone go directly to that person, don’t say something to somebody else about them, go directly to them and work it out.

Because that’s the right thing to do

Life is a process,

and I mean process.