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Hi, my name is Sara Ward.

I've been interested in doing hair ever since I was a little girl!
I would always be playing with my dolls' hair and trying crazy hairstyles on my sister, or really anyone that would let me put my hands on them. 

I have always loved putting my sister's hair in pigtails and giving her a photoshoot. When I went to Vocational for Cosmetology and in 2016 I got my license, and when I found out I could do that while I was in high school I jumped for it because I knew this is the career I wanted to strive for! 

A few things about me are that I'm loyal, thoughtful, and a good listener. My first priority is making my client feel comfortable and confident and building a connection with them and gaining their trust! 

Every day I get to learn something new, but some of my favorite things are well-placed foils, tape-in extensions, and grey coverage.
I am so thankful to be able to make clients smile or feel good about themselves. My favorite thing is to make others happy, and this career brings me that every day!

Xo - Sara

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