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Mary Beth Roberts
Advanced Master Stylist
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I began my professional training in NYC at the Vidal Sassoon Salon, where I learned and excelled in precision cutting.


I love doing all hair; but my sweetest spot is creating sporty, sexy, elegant shorter hair.

With shorter hair, the style is built into the haircut requiring very little effort for my clients to maintain day to day.

I am a Transformational Master Stylist!


I believe in growth and change! “All Living Things Grow”!

It’s such an amazing feeling to sit and collaborate with a client bringing together the principles of design, science, and art along with discussions of “current and relevant trends” to transform my client's style into something new, extraordinary, and unique.

Over the years my insatiable love for learning has also led to my certification as a “Life Coach”, which has helped me to develop a keen understanding of the psychological impact a hairstyle can make.

I myself recently made a  hair transformation and I’m loving it!!!!
So, if you’ve been thinking about a hairstyle change, I’m the stylist for you! Come on in and let’s talk!

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