Mary Beth Roberts
Advanced Master Stylist
Mary Beth Roberts

Marybeth Roberts is an American Board-certified Master Stylist & Colorist with over 30 years of experience.

“My love for the art of hair styling started when I was just 10 years old; I would always be found cutting and styling the hair of my dolls!

I began my professional training in New York City at the Vidal Sassoon Salon, where I learned and excelled in precision cutting. Early in my career I also enjoyed competing in hair shows, and even took first place in two!

What I love the most about doing hair is that it is the perfect combination of design, science, and art.

As a designer I create a plan, a construction, a structure; taking the science of hair coloring, the techniques of haircutting, and as an artist I compose them into art.

I was made for this! This is where I thrive!

I absolutely love creating skillfully, customized hair.

It’s always a collaboration between me and my client. Together I look to bring the balance of my client’s personality as well as bring cultural meaning; or in other words “current and relevant trends” and make something beautiful and unique appear!

I believe in growth and change! All living things grow! Therefore, education and new experiences are very important to me.

I have found that I am an insatiable learner; eclectic in my learning style, whether that’s learning the most current highlighting technique, or how to achieve the most beautiful brunette, or how to wear the perfect Pony…...!

And although I love doing all hair, I would say my sweetest spot is creating sporty, sexy, elegant shorter hair. What I love about shorter hair is the style is built into the haircut requiring very little effort for my clients to maintain day to day. 

I’ve been told by a few men that the sexiest part of a woman body is her neckline!!!! Who knew!!!

Over the years my love for learning has also led to my certification as a life coach, which has also helped me to develop a keen understanding of the psychological impact a hairstylist can have.

I have also been fortunate enough to build a loyal list of international clients which include a number of celebrities.

My journey has also blessed me with some amazing experiences such as doing fashion week a few times as well as being the lead stylist for the Israelis designer Sarar, which was super cool for me!"