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Salon Update - May 6th

Our Dear Loved & Valued Customer,

Times have been scary and fearful.

People are being laid off and losing their jobs – its real.

However, we have hope – there is always hope.

The rainbow comes out after the storm, with bright beautiful colors.

And, that is what we are doing at Modern Tekniques.

We are calling it a “Reset Recovery – Safety in Abundance”.

So, with that, great improvements and change are happening…

We are going to be doing things differently, and they will be uncomfortable at first.

Sometimes when we experience change it does not feel good at first, but it eventually becomes familiar to us.

We eventually learn that “Change is Great”

So let us imprint the words “Embrace Change”, in our minds – stamp it in our brains.

We will be following strict guidelines that will keep our beloved staff and valued customers safe.

We want to give you an elevated uplifting experience.

You will get the opportunity to get to better know your stylist, and work with them more closely and intimately.

We will be texting you when to come in for your appointment, and only allowing 12 people in the salon at a time.

We are making appointments longer, as well as extending our salon hours.

Each stylist will have their own set hours as well.

Our new salon hours are as follows:

  • Tuesday: 9-9

  • Wednesday: 9-9

  • Thursday: 9-9

  • Friday: 9-6

  • Saturday: 9-3

We will be doing all booking entirely online, or directly with your stylist.

If you need to talk to someone directly besides your stylist, you can always send us a message to our email address, which we have recently updated.

We will also have new precautionary policies and procedures in place, in accordance with state and government guidelines.

There will be no more waiting room, and everyone will have to wait in their cars until their stylist notifies you to come inside. Just text your stylist when you arrive in the parking lot to let them know you are here.

Your stylist will then lead you directly to your chair, and all chairs will be safely separated to allow for safely socially distancing our guests.

Between each visit all chairs and stations will be wiped down and sanitized thoroughly. *

*We will be adding a $5 fee to every ticket in an effort to help us maintain proper safely and cleaning requirements.

You will now be checking out and pre-booking your next few appointments directly with your stylist.

Unfortunately, we must also no longer allow friends or children to accompany our guests at this time.

We are here to help you feel and look great and do our best to keep everyone safe while doing so.

Everyone needs to pitch in to help us meet these new government safety standards, and we appreciate your cooperation as we make these adjustments.

Though this is a lot to take in, let us remember to be grateful to be able to soon be together again, and find great joy in our great friendships, and rekindling our connection of love.

P.S.! We also have an amazing new employee that will be joining our team, make sure to look out for our next blog to find out more!

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