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Quarantine Update - Heather Jastrzembski

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Hi Everyone,

Heather here! (

I miss you all so much! I wanted to tell you a little about my time in quarantine.

I notice that watching the news to much was giving me bad anxiety.

Instead of watching everyday, I’ve only been watching it 2-3 times a week.

Now, obviously it’s import to stay updated but maybe not to the point where it’s making my mind run a million miles an hour thinking “THE WORLD IS ENDING”

Also, I’m sure everyone can agree that your refrigerator is calling your name...about every 10 minutes! So make sure you’re buying healthy snacks.

All in all, I miss everyone, my clients, my co workers/friends but it’s also giving me a sense of clarity.

It’s been nice spending this time with my family.

Since we’re all stuck in the house together we’ve been spending time playing card games and watching a bunch of movies!

Try focusing on how much we all mean to each other and how important that is️.

I hope everyone is staying safe. I miss & love you all.

- Heather

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