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How to Stay Safe in Uncertain Times/ Health Through Nutrition

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Over 20 years ago I learned a lot about nutrition from two wonderful doctors named Joel Robbins and Joe Fuhrman (among many others at that time).

I flabbergasted to realize I knew nothing about nutrition, or about my health and immune system.

It literally changed my life, and changed the direction of my health.

It let me to begin to take my own health into my own hands.

I started to change what I ate and the way that I thought about food.

When I learned what was actually healthy for me, I realized everything I thought I knew was actually really unhealthy.

We’re so programmed as human beings to follow the trends of what we think is good for us, but unfortunately, they’re not always correct.

It’s often much harder than it seems to really be mindful and eat healthily.


During such uncertain times as these, we need to wake up and be aware of what is going on with our bodies and our immune systems.

We need to keep ourselves strong so that we can fight any disease that comes our way.

Your body is a natural healer, and it will heal itself if you nourish it properly.

Just like car, if you put the right gas in, the car will run great.

You put the right gas in.

You put the right motor oil in.

If you put sugar in that tank the tank won’t run, and will break down rather quickly.

I want you to think of a fish tank that has no filter.

Without a filter it becomes green and murky, and stays stagnant, with no movement to keep the water clean.

Well, something similar goes on in our bodies.

We need to move more, and fuel ourselves properly.

We over eat most of the time - often processed foods, foods that come in boxes, too much dairy.


I want to share with you a few YouTube videos where you can learn more from these amazing doctors that have studied nutrition and health for decades.

It’s so amazing there’s even another video called “Power Food for the Brain” which teaches you how important it is to eat healthy for your brain.

It is so amazing that every part of your body needs nutrition.

The old saying is true – you are what you eat.

So, lets get back to that fish tank – If you don’t exercise that’s the same thing as that fish tank with no filter. Nothing is moving and everything is going to get stagnant.

You have less oxygen rich blood circulating and bringing your body what it needs, helping you to recover from ailments and disease.


Now more than ever we need to be aware and learn how to keep ourselves safe, strong, and healthy.

We need to build our immune systems so that we can fight this awful horrendous COVID-19.

And we can begin to do that through exercise, nutrition, love, support, and thankful ♥️ hearts.

I know that we all want to keep ourselves and our families safe and healthy, so it is my hope that you embrace this shift in how we think about health. You are with every investment you make to become healthier and happier.

May God richly bless you and protect you and your family.

Love you lots,


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