• Kim

How to Stay Safe in Uncertain Times/ Health Through Nutrition

Updated: Jan 3

Over 20 years ago I learned a lot about nutrition from two wonderful doctors named Joel Robbins and Joe Fuhrman (among many others at that time).

I flabbergasted to realize I knew nothing about nutrition, or about my health and immune system.

It literally changed my life, and changed the direction of my health.

It let me to begin to take my own health into my own hands.

I started to change what I ate and the way that I thought about food.

When I learned what was actually healthy for me, I realized everything I thought I knew was actually really unhealthy.

We’re so programmed as human beings to follow the trends of what we think is good for us, but unfortunately, they’re not always correct.

It’s often much harder than it seems to really be mindful and eat healthily.

During such uncertain times as these, we need to wake up and be aware of what is going on with our bodies and our immune systems.

We need to keep ourselves strong so that we can fight any disease that comes our way.

Your body is a natural healer, and it will heal itself if you nourish it properly.

Just like car, if you put the right gas in, the car will run great.

You put the right gas in.

You put the right motor oil in.

If you put sugar in that tank the tank won’t run, and will break down rather quickly.

I want you to think of a fish tank that has no filter.

Without a filter it becomes green and murky, and stays stagnant, with no movement to keep the water clean.