• Kim

Abundant Reset. Embrace Change - Kimmy Constantineau

Updated: Apr 1

One of my favorite things to do is to not look back, and know that I have a new day ahead of great promise,

of hope,

of love,

of power,

of strength.

No matter what has happened, in the generations before us it always seems to work out somehow, some way.

So make good use of this time - don’t just sit around the house.

Think of projects to get done that you couldn’t do before.

Straighten out your linen closet,

Clean out the kitchen cupboards, rearrange your dishes and Tupperware.

Color coordinate your clothes,

Clean underneath your bathroom sinks, or your bathroom medicine cabinet,

throwaway all old stuff that’s expired.

It’s better to use your energy on making things nicer cleaner and more organized,

It frees up your mind to think better, happier and healthier.

There’s a great song that I love - it’s called Burn the Ships by for King & Country.

Take a listen and really hear the words let them speak to your soul.

This is the greatest time ever to have faith and hope for a new beginning,

Because it’s helping a slow down as a nation. We were going way too fast,

I love you all.

I look forward to when we can meet again.

Until then...