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Quarantine Yoga! - Shawna Rodgers

Hello all!

My name is Shawna, and some of you may have seen me running around the salon taking photos before.

I’m Kimmy’s cousin, and I do most of the photo, video, and marketing work for Modern Tekniques Salon.

What some of you may not know though is that I am also an experienced registered yoga instructor!

Teaching at a retreat in Durango, Colorado

I've done several trainings, and have been teaching classes and retreats around the world for over 6 years now.

During this quarantine time, I started a YouTube channel to bring some easy at home yoga to my friends, family, and students.

Kimmy has been enjoying doing my video classes so much that she wanted me to share them here for her beloved clients to enjoy while stuck at home!

Featured below are two of my most accessible classes, that are great for everyone from advanced to beginner.

Feel free to check out all the other classes I currently have available on my YouTube if you’d like to explore further.

I hope this finds you all well, and that you’re staying safe, happy and healthy during this quarantine. <3

Oh also, feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions regarding photos or yoga!

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