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Curls Need Friends

Hi there, I'm Mary Beth Roberts, stylist here are Modern Tekniques!

I have curly hair and love to wear my hair curly.

Many of my clients and people I meet along my way in life will say to me “if my curls could look like your curls, I would love to wear my hair curly; but all my hair does is go frizzy!”

When I ask them what products they are using, I find out that they are often not using the proper products to maximize their curls to perfection.


With curly hair, it starts with the correct cleanser and conditioner.

The cuticle of curly hair is more open than straight hair, which can be one reason for the natural frizz that curly hair can present.

But, curly hair also has a natural ability to absorb conditioner and masks even better than straight hair!

The biggest need curls have is... “CURLS NEED FRIENDS!”

Curls need to stick together, so it's very important to properly apply the correct curl product to get “all the friends to hang out together".

So, if you have curly or wavy hair but have hesitated to wear it because “I just don’t know how to do it”, come see me and we can pow-wow about how to make your curls MAGNIFICENT!

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