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September Special! - Davines Circle Chronicles

Buy any two davines products and receive a free circle chronicles mask!

The Circle Chronicles

A hair mask for every occasion

The Circle Chronicles are a hair masking experience made for modern living.

The 7 unique hair masks in The Circle Chronicles line deliver fast and targeted resultscovering every need from deep nourishment with The Renaissance Circle, to detoxifying power with The Purity Circle.

How you use The Circle Chronicles masks is entirely up to you: try them individually for targeted results like instant shine or hydration, or multi-mask to get customized care for your roots, lengths and ends.


- Targeted care for your hair and scalp needs

- Resealable and reusable: most people can get at least 2 or 3 uses per pack

- Perfectly sized to fit in your carry on for travel

- Perfect size for your carry-on luggage!


- Address individual needs of your scalp, lengths and ends

- Spend no more than 10 minutes processing, no matter how many combinations you try

- Try different combinations for different days/events

Customized care for your hair

The Circle Chronicles were designed to seamlessly work with your life and individual needs. Resealable for multiple uses and perfectly-sized for travel, they make masking easy.

Each mask is unique and dedicated to a specific need, but there may be a need to use more than one at the same time. The beauty of The Circle Chronicles is that you can address your different hair needs, all within the setting time of a single mask.

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