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Spring : Embracing the Art of Transformation

With the coming of spring everything around us begins to transform.

The trees are beginning to bud, the grass is getting greener, and the flowers are starting to bloom. Soon baby animals of all levels of cuteness will be born and butterflies will emerge from their cocoons, completely transformed from the life they once knew. The sun shines longer each day and even the clothing trends are changing to reflect the beautiful vibrant colors and patterns of spring.

Spring is about embracing transformations and breathing newness into our lives.

Though the coldness of winter may have been harsh at times we are now able to allow the warmth and light to shine through.

Like the gardener tending to his lot, sweeping away all that is dead in order to make room for new growth, we too must make sure we take the time this spring to tend to ourselves.

Let's be honest, winter can take a toll on us, both mentally and physically, just as easily as it does the earth.

During the Spring we tend to pay the most attention to the weight we may have gained or the social life we have been missing due to staying cooped up over the winter months. We correct these inner grievances by joining the gym, starting walking routines, or spending more time with friends.

What some may put off though is the ONE THING they really need THE MOST...

Do you see where I'm going with this yet?

This is YOUR season to make the transformation you've been desiring!

Now is the time to get those stunning highlights you’ve secretly been obsessing over, finally book a consultation for the extensions you’ve been wanting to get, or treat yourself to one of the amazing smoothing treatments you’ve been hearing about.

Winter is just as harsh on the hair as it is everything else.

Spring is the time to bring it back to life and give it back it's shine.

Trust me, your hair will thank you for it!

I personally love to change my hair with the seasons and have embraced many transformations over the years.


Let's take a peak at some of my Hair Story!

I love to wear it straight....

I love to wear it curly....

No matter the length with the right products I can style it any way I want...

Some oldies but goodies...

These are just because I love my little Toto & she tends to be a fan of all my many styles :)

I am currently rocking the Modern Mullet, it's so much fun and I love it!

As a transformational specialist I have a million ideas that I would love to share with you but what I love even more is being able to collaborate! One of my greatest rewards is being able to help you bring your fabulous idea to reality and in the process create an even more beautiful new you!


Check out some of these amazing Client Transformations!

Spring is the best time to lose those dead ends...

Try a trendy new style...

You can add just a pop of color or you can decide to go a bit bolder...

You may even be ready to go all in and make the change you've really been wanting...

Or maybe you simply need some help taming that sometimes wild mane....

I love being a part of the magic that goes along with the transformation process.

Whatever transformation you are ready to embark on you can be confident in knowing I've either worn it myself or have already helped someone else create a similar style and vision.


Real Talk from a Transformational Artist

Change can be scary but just hear me out, no one should ever feel stuck in the same style.

You know the style I'm talking about...

Your signature style, the one everyone knows you by...

The one you’ve probably been wearing for years...

I know you love it and it's comfortable but I also know that every so often you think

"I’d love to change my style or color."

So what are you really waiting for....

You already know what you want...

You’ve had your eye on that certain style...

Now is the time!

Call today and book your consultation.

I can't wait to meet you.

Your Transformation Specialist - Marybeth

We Love to Give You Beautiful Hair!

Modern Tekniques Salon

661 Broad Street

Shrewsbury, NJ 07702

Phone : 732-758-0011

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