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New Procedures Update - July 2020

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Hi there!🤍

We just wanted post a blog with the info you’ll need to know for your appointment

It’s very important that we keep each other safe !

- Make sure to bring a mask! Masks must be worn at all times😷

(We also have masks if you need one)

- You’ll get a text from the salon to check in when you arrive.

Please wait in your car or outside of the salon door & reply to that text to check in, there are chairs outside that you could sit on and wait.

Someone will come out to get you when I’m finished with the client ahead of you (bear with us, and please be patient).

We are doing things much more efficient, and different.

We are checking in and out our clients ourselves, most of the time.

Next step,we will take your temperature before you come in & then we’re good to go!

You cannot enter the salon until you had your temperature checked because if by any chance you have a fever you cannot have your appointment.


We can’t even bring you into the salon if you have a fever.


*We will also be checking our own temperatures each day, and if any of us have a fever we unfortunately cannot work for the next 2 weeks.

We have to take strong precautions.

- Please only bring in your phone, keys, whatever you need to pay, and a drink/snacks if you need (we can’t serve snacks or drinks for now so bring water if you need it!)

No bags, purses, or unnecessary items.

-At the end of your service

You can stay in your chair, as we will be checking you out there.

We will need your credit/debit card info which will be safe & secure for future appointments, as well as allows for quicker and easier checkout for your next visit.

We also have receipts to e-mail you if you would like one .

We are also following protocol for our cancellation policy.

You have a window to cancel before 24 hours, or you will be charged 50% of your service.

Exceptions will only be made if you have proof of an emergency.

Our time is very valuable and so is yours .

- A $5 sanitation fee is added to each ticket now (so $5 per client)

This is for the high demand of our expectations of keeping everything sanitized.

This is so we can stay open!

I think that is everything! Anything else we can share with you in person.

There is a lot of new info/new policies so thank you for being understanding & patient with us at Modern Tekniques.

If you have any questions feel free to shoot us an email! 😊

We are so excited to serve you

And give you beautiful hair.




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