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Is Your Water The Sneaky Culprit Behind Your Hair Troubles?

Let's be honest....

Are you still drinking water straight from the faucet?

The answer is most likely no, possibly even a resounding absolutely not!

According to EPA Americans spend billions of dollars each year on home water treatment units with nearly half – 48% – expressing concern for the safety of their tap water, after all by now most of us are aware that most if not all of our water is filled with contaminants like fluoride, chlorine, and a variety of other hard minerals/harsh chemicals.

Chances are you probably already have a filtration system for your home drinking water, whether it's a Brita in the fridge or a unit connected straight at the faucet. After all, like I said it's 2022 and practically no one drinks tap water anymore.

I understand the precautions we take when it comes to using water filtration systems to keep harmful toxins out of our body, so why are we not doing the same when it comes to our hair!

Our hair is a living thing that absorbs all those harmful chemicals, which causes buildup and can lead to a myriad of other hair troubles.

Water systems use chlorine because it is an effective disinfectant for viruses and bacteria but chlorine is definitely no friend when it comes to keeping those locks looking lovely.

Now we all know that a nice dip in a heavily chlorinated pool is almost sure to turn those gorgeous new golden highlights a funky shade of green, this is because chlorine removes the natural melanin from the strands.

I want to share with you a few ways even small daily chlorine absorption damages your hair that you may not have known about.

  • It can slowly eat away at the protective cuticles, which makes the hair tangled and exposes the delicate cortex layer.

  • It can also break down the amino acids in our hair, which can deplete its natural strength and dry it out.

  • Regular exposure to Chlorine can make your hair highly porous which can lead to discoloration in both natural & colored hair.

It's pretty clear to say that using a water filter in your shower will not only keep those toxic chemicals from absorbing into your hair and skin but it will also GREATLY UP-LEVEL the texture of your hair, longevity of your color services, & support an overall healthier look.

The buildup created from the chemicals and minerals added to tap water can affect your color, keratin, curl pattern, frizz level, and can strip natural shine away from the hair. When this happens the scalp then overcompensates by trying to reproduce more natural oils which makes your hair greasier, causing you to wash it more & keeping you in the loop of over washing & further stripping your hair of it's natural oils even more.

Using a water filter in your shower adds so many benefits, you will wonder why you hadn’t opted for such a simple tweak to your self-care routine sooner.

BONUS - Not only is the filtration through the shower head supporting your mane, you will also show a difference in your largest organ, your skin!

DOUBLE BONUS - Having a water filter on your shower makes washing your hair once or twice a week way more do-able. #winning

Start nourishing yourself in soft water and reap the benefits of glowing from head to toe!

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