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Salon Reopening Update!

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

We are so excited to FINALLY have a reopen date!

Salons in New Jersey are able to reopen on June 22nd, but due to our hours we will reopen on Tuesday, June 23rd!

We are so grateful to get to return to work in three weeks, but we must ask that all of our clients are patient with us during this time of rescheduling.

We have three months worth of appointments to reschedule and that is not going to happen in one day and we ask that you please wait to hear from your stylist about how to reschedule with them.


• Important things to keep in mind:

 - All of our stylist’s schedules are changing to accommodate the new safety regulations that we will follow.

 - We are working in shifts to minimize the amount of people in the salon at a time for safety reasons.

❕This means that your stylist may not be able to come in early, stay late, or come in on their day “off” to make an appointment work at this time❕

- Our stylists cannot and will not be servicing multiple clients at time like we did in the past, so that means less appointments are available in each day.

- The way that you schedule, check in, and go about your future appointments WILL BE different. We will make a post  and be sending out another email in the near future going over this in more detail. Be sure to keep an eye out!


The most important thing is that we will be back in business!🥳

Things are going to be a bit different going forward but we are EMBRACING CHANGE and we ask that you be willing to do the same! See you all soon!🤍

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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