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Hi, my name is Jenna Caruso.

I am 21 years old and have had my license for three years!

I have always loved beauty and creativity through self-expression. Enrolling in cosmetology school right after high school gave me an outlet to explore what I truly love to do.

My teacher took me under her wing and always told me I had “it”. My grandma was a phenomenal colorist and hairstylist. I look to all these people as a means of inspiration. I like to think my grandma is my guardian “hair” angel of creativity.

A little more about me personally, is that I grew up in a small town outside of Nashville, TN. I have always been a lover of family. I am a Christian and love to see Jesus working wonders in my life.


I love adventure and experiencing new places and meeting new people. I would consider myself a worldly, hungry, and optimistic person.


Opportunity is so exciting and contagious to me. I would love any and all opportunities to transform someone’s look completely, or to add my personal expertise on what I think would spice up their whole persona!

Every day in the hair world is a chance for carpe diem <3. 

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