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Hello there!

For any who may not remember me, I’m Tori Higgins (@hairbytorihiggins_). I had the opportunity to work as a stylist at Modern Tekniques from 2017 to early 2019.

It’s so exciting to be able to reach out to you all again and share a little bit of what has gone on since then.

Back in May 2019, my husband and I moved out to Southern California to work at a small Bible college.

My faith has always been really important to me, and this new venture was a great opportunity for my husband and I to focus on mentoring college students together.

Like with all new experiences, it took some time to settle in, but it was such a fun way to focus on caring for other people. We had found a life we loved and looked forward to continuing for a few more years.

If these last couple months have taught me anything, it’s that plans can change. When COVID-19 put us all in quarantine, it led to my husband and I losing our jobs. We might have planned on staying in California for a bit longer, but our plans never seem to account for everything.

All this leads me to say that I’ll be coming back to Modern Tekniques as a stylist (yay!).

I’m so incredibly grateful to have the chance to serve you again and continue in a career I am truly passionate about, and a salon that I truly love. I’m so excited to be back in New Jersey surrounded by friends, family, and wonderful clients!

This last year (and these last couple months in particular) may not be what any of us would have chosen for ourselves. We normally want to avoid what’s difficult and take what’s comfortable. But I can say I’m really thankful for this last year and all the growth it’s provided.

So looking forward to seeing you soon and have the opportunity to serve as your stylist again!

- Tori

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