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Moms Make Life More Magical

Updated: May 8, 2022

Life would be colorless if it weren't for great Moms in this big world.

Mothers make made a difference in the world through all of their sacrifice, unconditional love, and support. They

provide roots and seeds that build a solid foundation for their children & families.

Moms stand tall and be ever so proud of yourself!

A Mother's love sprinkles a little magic every where she goes.

Her words provide encouragement and support.

Her kind spirit teaches us how to love.

Her determination shows us how to be strong.

Moms you are Amazing & we love being able to serve you here at Modern Tekniques!



A Mother's Journey of Love, Determination, and Success

Our Salon Story

When I started out as a business owner I will admit there were times when I was scared, there were times I wanted to give up and go back to the simplicity of being a stylist without the overhead of running a business.

I've always been a survivor with my faith to back me up.

I knew that anything was possible and I wanted my daughter to know the same. As parents we always want to set the best example possible for our children, we want to show them the difference they can make in the lives of thers, and teach them to reach above and beyond what they thought possible. I knew with the support from my staff, the loyalty of our clients, the love of my friends, and the pure drive I had for my daughter that giving up was never an option and our dreams were within reach.

The opportunity I was given back in 2014 to take over Modern Tekniques salon was not only a chance to elevate and transform my life but the lives of everyone that walks into our doors. Over the past 8 years working side my side, my daughter and I have built a culture based on family and friendship. A culture where my team consistently prides themselves on integrity, education, honesty, and kindness.

I am so proud of my team and so thankful for the clients that became family!


A Tribute to some of the Modern Tekniques Moms

The word "Mom" may hold a different meaning for everyone.

We believe Motherhood is a badge of honor, here at Modern Tekniques we love to celebrate MOMS.

To the Moms that love us unconditionally...

To the Moms that support us no matter what...

To the Moms that teach us to be strong...

To the Moms that watch over us always...


Happy Mother's Day to all the Amazing Moms out there!


The Modern Tekniques Team

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