Lacee Pellot - Joining the Family

Hi I’m Lacee!


I love my family the most, they mean everything to me!

I am married to my husband David and we have two boys, Jordan & Evan.

We also have a dog Taz, so I like to think I’m the humble princess in the house (since I’m the only female) I am also very close with my 3 siblings whom we do almost everything together.

My favorite store is..oh all of them, I do love to shop but

I would choose Target, Marshalls, or bring back Lord & Taylor!!

I love to travel although I’d like to do it more. To an island, I just love the beach. It brings me such peace & I could just gaze at the ocean, the sound of the crashing waves, the feel of the the sun, and fresh air gives me such joy, I am a true summer baby!!

So to no surprise my perfect day would be at the beach followed by a house pool/bbq! I love being a hairdresser because it’s more than just making my guests feel good on the outside, I have a such a deep connection with all of my guests that is priceless. I am anxious to come back into the salon after quarantine since everything is different.

I have decided to embrace the change while nothing will be the same and I look forward to joining the welcoming team at Modern Tekniques Salon.

Can’t wait to see you all there!

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