Better Together - MaryBeth Roberts

I joined the staff, the team, the family; it's a little of all of these at Modern Techniques.

Staff because the stylists at this salon are true professionals in their craft.

I have witnessed incredible cuts and color in the just 2 weeks I've worked with these young women.

I say team because while I recognize through my over 30 years of doing hair, that stylists can be fiercely independent, sometimes rogue and for sure I've met a few Diva's along the way.

Kimmy has a saying, "one is way too small of a number for great success".

I just love that! That statement is alive and in action at this salon. A winning Team!

And lastly, Family; it's where you grow up, where you get to be yourself. you may all be different, but you accept, love and respect each others differences, and in healthy families the differences are celebrated!

Okay, just one more thing that is very apparent at Modern Techniques, and that's hospitality.

Did you know that in the Bible, God actually gives "the gift of hospitality" to individuals?

It's more than having people over your house for a meal.

It's the ability, the quality in a person that loves to make people feel welcome, cared for and at home, no matter where they are; even in a salon!  

It's the jumping up and down when they see you, maybe not outwardly, but you feel it coming from their heart!

I've come to understand that a winning salon combines 3 things, highly skilled stylists, who also exude this genuine gift of hospitality, and all you awesome clients who honor us by sitting in our chairs!

- MaryBeth Roberts

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