Becky Barth - Life After Quarantine

Being told to stay home, and being furloughed from your job can turn anyone's world upside down.

Especially when your job is hair. Our business is people.

When that is taken away from you in an instant, it can make you reflect on yourself and your future. That definitely was what happened to me.

At first I thought it would only be a few weeks and I would be back doing what I love. That certainly wasn't the case. It sent my brain in a whirlwind. I tried to fill my day with walks and video calls with friends.

I am blessed that I live four blocks from the beach, so I took advantage of the nice days. When weeks turned into months, I took the time to reevaluate my life at home and my career.

I know I wanted to still be in the hair industry, and keep my creativity going. The question was where. Do I stay in the same salon I was for five years, or do I try something new? That did not come easy.

I had long talks with my family and friends about what moves I should make.

Bottom line was what will make me truly happy. For me, that was change.

Opportunity struck when my trusted coworkers/friends came to me with a new adventure.

Feeling stagnant would not help me further my career in any way, so I took a leap. I couldn't be more excited for what's to come. Maybe it was the time home to reflect. Maybe it is the current climate in our country.

Either way it has shown me that life is short, and you need to take control of your own destiny. You can't let what's comfortable make you fall into patterns that are toxic in your life.

I'm grateful for those that helped me lay the path that got me here, and eager to take a new and different direction here at Modern Tekniques! 

Take chances. 

Make mistakes. 

Get messy! 

- Becky (

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