Christie Gutierrez
Stylist Assistant

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Hi, my name is Christie (Chris) and I am Modern Tekniques' super excited assistant.


I'm excited to be part of this fantastic team of talented women,  excited to meet and bond with our amazing clients and I'm excited to learn and grow with our work family.


I'm a 38 yr old free-spirited mom of 2 really cool teenage girls and a 7 yr old son, who's also pretty cool.  Originally from Brooklyn, my husband and I scooped up the kids and moved to Jersey 4 years ago to be closer to my very, very cool older brother, who also does Jiujitsu. If I don't mention that,  he might do one of those moves on me and I'm not into that.


Needless to say, we love it here, and ever since I moved to Jersey my whole life completely changed. I was forced to get my license for the first time ever, which literally opened up every opportunity for me.

I have always had a passion for beauty but unfortunately, I spent 90% of my work life in an office environment.

I was unhappy because I wasn't doing something I loved, and this led me to cosmetology school. I held down a job waitressing and went to night school for a little over a year.  I missed my kids so much, but I tell you I don't regret it -  because I fell in love with doing hair all over again!


And now I'm here currently thriving as Kimmy's personal assistant (but I also happily provide assistance to the rest of the staff).

I offer a great hair wash and a killer destresser. I also provide basic services such as single process, glaze, face frame highlights, and hair trims.


Through my insatiable love for learning and growing in this industry, I look forward to standing behind my very own chair here at Modern Tekniques by the beginning of next year.

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